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Afterburn has appeared in Amusement Today ' s annual Golden Ticket Awards several times. It debuted at position 18 in 1999, [14] before disappearing from the poll for the three years to follow. [15] [16] [17] The ride returned to the poll, before hitting a low of 45 in 2012. [18]

The following diagrams show the processing logic for each of the jobs in this suite of programs that create convert and compare data files.

After Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, his only official surviving daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph , inherited Monticello. The estate was encumbered with debt and Martha Randolph had financial problems in her own family because of her husband's mental illness . In 1831 she sold Monticello to James Turner Barclay, a local apothecary . Barclay sold it in 1834 to Uriah P. Levy , the first Jewish Commodore (equivalent to today's admiral) in the United States Navy . A fifth-generation American whose family first settled in Savannah, Georgia , Levy greatly admired Jefferson and used his private funds to repair, restore and preserve the house. The Confederate government seized the house as enemy property at the outset of the American Civil War and sold it to Confederate officer Benjamin Franklin Ficklin . Levy's estate recovered the property after the war. [13]

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