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But Yates and Gard found an American neurologist willing to subject their son to a costly, experimental therapy, and they have been fighting in court since April for the right to take Charlie to America and treat him as they see fit. The couple launched a GoFundMe campaign to finance the therapy—an effort which has raised more than £ million to date—with Yates writing that Charlie “literally has nothing to lose but potentially a healthier, happier life to gain.” Problem is, when Charlie’s medical team asked for evidence of the proposed treatment’s efficacy, the American neurologist—known only as Dr. I through court documents—admitted that “there is no direct evidence, but there is a theoretical scientific basis for saying it could [help].” After learning the full extent of Charlie’s “catastrophic and irreversible brain damage,” Dr. I conceded it was “very unlikely” the experimental therapy would benefit the child in any meaningful way, which aligns with the London hospital that has always maintained the desired nucleoside therapy “would be futile and would prolong Charlie’s suffering.”

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Nor is Microsoft Word easy to use. Its interface is convoluted, baroque, making the easy difficult and the difficult nearly impossible to achieve. It guarantees job security for the guru, not transparency for the zen adept who wishes to focus on the task in hand, not the tool with which the task is to be accomplished. It imposes its own concept of how a document should be structured upon the writer, a structure best suited to business letters and reports (the tasks for which it is used by the majority of its users). Its proofing tools and change tracking mechanisms are baroque, buggy, and inadequate for true collaborative document preparation; its outlining and tagging facilities are piteously primitive compared to those required by a novelist or thesis author: and the procrustean dictates of its grammar checker would merely be funny if the ploddingly sophomoric business writing style it mandates were not so widespread.

Mark Zuckerberg:
500 million people, yeah. That’s growing. And it’s growing every day. And if you just look back, you know, seven years from when we were getting started, I mean, there would have been no way that we would have thought —

“If it was done in April their child would still be here now. “We are all Charlie’s Army. We all want Charlie to go to the US. It is all we have wanted from the beginning.

Hey there, all you tiger blood-drinking warlocks! As you work through your winning ways, it's inevitable that something somewhat anti-semitic is going to slip out. So we've made this card just for you. The next time you make some ill-timed comment about Hebrew-wood, just whip this bad boy out and you'll be good to go! Of course, this may be a little on the late side for some of you. Sorry, Mel. Verdict: Not a Jew . March 11, 2011

Melendez was brought into direct, and as with the Ford commercial, he gave the parts of the Peanuts kids entirely to children, many of whom had never acted. Getting them to learn their roles was a trying task, given that Schulz's script had his characters regularly waxing philosophical and tossing off words like ailurophobia (a fear of felines, for the record). Melendez had to teach the young actors long portions of the script phonetically. "Sometimes they didn't understand a word," he remembers. "They'd say, 'Just tell me how you want it said.' Then they'd say it, and I'd turn to the engineer and ask if he recorded it. The kids were all startled when they got screen credit and happily startled when they started getting royalty checks."

“Bird was a living justification of their philosophy. The hipster is an underground man … [who] knows the hypocrisy of bureaucracy, the hatred implicit in religions—so what values are left for him?—except to go through life avoiding pain, keep his emotions in check, and after that, ‘be cool,’ and look for kicks. He is looking for something that transcends all this bullshit and finds it in jazz.”

Ward hasn’t directed a film since 1996’s  Down Periscope , which was two years after he directed Sheen in  Major League II . For good reason, Sheen wasn’t particularly proud of that sequel, which replaced  Wesley Snipes  with  Omar Epps in the role of Willie May Hays. It paled in comparison to the first movie – lacking the laughs, excitement, and grand finale. The cast was magic in the first movie, but they didn’t click as well in the sequel with less to do. Another  Major League  probably isn’t high up on many people’s must-see sequel list, but another Major League  starring the original cast is more enticing than an inevitable remake.

Charlie - It's InevitableCharlie - It's InevitableCharlie - It's InevitableCharlie - It's Inevitable