The dharmas - 3 miles high - The Taj Mahal Was Origianlly a Shiva Temple - 108 Proofs.

In 2009 Bryan was taught this mantra, he didnt share until research is completed. For 3 years he cant find the mantra until June 2011:

Vishnu Sahasranamam (Meanings: based upon the commentary of Shankaracharya) Meanings: Courtesy: http://. Sanskrit script courtesy: Shri. N ...

*The pages of this web site were written for the students of my class on Buddhist Psychology.  Although the religious aspects of Buddhism are discussed, I am far more interested in presenting Buddhism's philosophical and psychological side.  It is not necessary to believe in heavens or hells, in gods, demons, or ghosts, or even in rebirth or reincarnation in order to benefit from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama.  I myself believe in none of these things, and yet have learned a great deal from the sutras -- far more than from any other source.  I encourage all of you to become familiar with Buddhism, and I humbly suggest that these pages are a good place to begin!

For more information you can order the book, Taj Mahal – The True Story authored by Shri . Oak. The ISBN number of the book is ISBN 0-9611614-4-2. The book is available through A. Ghosh (Publisher), 5720 W. Little York, #216, Houston, Texas 77091. Visit Sword Of Truth – Online Magazine for more information

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That is, I think, extremely good news 🙂
However, this kind of cancer has a strong tendency to resurface, so one is not out of the woods until at least five years have gone by disease-free. Also, there is still some confusion around my healthcare. It’s been going on for the last few months, in fact, and is the reason I haven’t posted an update in a while. Unfortunately, because of his willingness to try experimental treatment protocols – the very reason, given my prognosis, that I chose him as my doctor – my regular oncologist is under investigation by the GMC, and so not able to work at present. This has meant that my scans were postponed a couple of times, and getting treatment for the last little while has been quite difficult. I was unable to receive any chemotherapy last month, and the oncologist I met with yesterday, a very nice man I had not met before, did not want to give me any more. He didn’t comment much on the scan result, but said that prolonging the chemotherapy and the daily injections would cause long-term damage to my bone marrow and intestines, and that this would potentially compromise the possibility of future treatments, should I need them. I am unsure when, or even if, my original oncologist will be resuming work – I really hope, for his sake, for mine, and for all his patients, that he is reinstated – but it seems that again I am encountering a significant divergence of medical opinions, in a territory where sure information and conclusions are not at all established. As soon as possible I will try, though, to get the advice of my former oncologist and a sense of my medical options.

Like his father, Emperor Bindusara Maurya also maintained good diplomatic relations with the Greek rulers and his step grandfather Selecus Nicator, a former general of Alexander the Great. He also shared cordial relations with his step uncle, the Syrian King, and the Egyptian rulers. Scholars from Egypt and Syria lived in his palace as ambassadors. Emperor Bindusara was passionate about culture and philosophy. He is believed to have been tolerant of all religious sects and saints of various religions visited his court. Ashoka might have learnt from the very men who graced his father’s court.