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TRACKLIST: 01. Jasmine Dragon 02. Dance Of The Pharoes 03. Hold My Hand 04. Brought To Bare ft. Jonatan Bäckelie 05. High Wire 06. Rollergirl 07. Wanting You 08. Porchlight and Rockingchairs 09. Cracks In The Pavement 10. Towards The Seer 11. The Glowing Embers 12. These Times ft. Jinadu (LP Version) One of the UK's most established and consistent deep house producers, Jimpster, is due to drop his eagerly anticipated Porchlight And Rockingchairs LP on 20th May 2013. His first studio album in six years sees him continue where he left off on the 2006 masterpiece Amour by taking the blueprint of House music and infusing it with an attention to detail and musicality often lacking in much of today's more disposable dance music. During the interim period, Jamie has maintained a key role in two of the UK’s most successful House labels, Freerange and Delusions Of Grandeur, where he continues to pick up and establish new talent at an impressive rate. Over the course of his 23 year career so far he has remixed everyone from Josh Wink, Osunlade and Solomun through to Bob Marley, Airto Moreira and Seal, as well as continuing to DJ week-in week-out at many of the world’s best clubs and festivals. As Jimpster himself admits, much of the inspiration for Porchlight And Rockingchairs came from countless hours spent exhausted or hungover in airport lounges on the way back from gigs. It’s during this early morning never-never land that he would seek solace in his ipod, or start creating tracks on his laptop. Anything too challenging or abstract would be an irritation. Anything too ambient could sedate to the point of missing flights. Normally it would be the kind of lo-slung, emotive, deep shit with enough groove to get into, but also just the right amount of warmth and soul to keep spirits lifted in those tiring, often solitary hours, that would work best. On returning to his studio Jimpster leaned heavily on his hardware synths and drum machines, rediscovering their quirks and foibles after too many years working with convenient but sometimes sterile plugins. This hands on approach runs right through tracks such as Brought To Bare, featuring the vocals of Jonatan Bäckelie, where a simple, sparse and honest quality help make this one of the LP's highlights. Hold My Hand or Rollergirl show off Jimpster's innate talent for dubbed out, late-night deep house whilst elsewhere we find more raw and bass heavy downtempo tracks such as Cracks In the Pavement and The Glowing Embers. A true journey from start to finish, the LP draws to a close with an alternate LP version of Jimpster's recent single These Times featuring Beauty Room vocalist Jinadu. Here, we see the producer incorporating acoustic guitar for the first time ever on a glitchy yet beautiful reworking of this future classic, making a fitting close to a fresh and forward-looking album from a long- standing yet still completely relevant artist. AVAILABLE FROM: https:///gb/album/porchlight-rocking-chairs/id633501977?uo=4 http:///title/221207/porchlight-and-rockingchairs-traxsource-edition http:///products/jimpster-porchlight-rocking-chairs/2181946-02/ Rollergirl on MTV http:///videos/jimpster-rollergirl/ FEEDBACK Dixon - Love the whole LP! Rob Da Bank (Radio 1) - Yes love this! KiNK - i`m really amazed by the album! My favorite track is Porchlights and Rockingchairs, but the whole record is so fresh! Huxley - Amazing! I love this! Catz n Dogs - Really good job. I wish i could write music like this! Osunlade - Lovely as usual! Thanks for sharing, definite support! Sebo K - Another epic Jimpster masterpiece. I love it !!! Jazzanova - This is how music should sound like these days and probably tomorrow too! The Revenge - Really great package here from a producer and dude that I admire greatly. Feels like a solid and together album! Mark E - Really enjoyed the whole album! Highlights are Highwire and Rollergirl for me. Noir - AWESOME album! I'll be sure to support one of the tracks in the next "Noir Recommends". Fred Everything - Totally timeless and very actual, but more important, it's very You, very personal. Already listened to it 3 times and I have to send you props! Gorge - Once again Jimpster shows his talent for timeless deephouse and highest quality listening music! Another masterpiece for me here! Shur-i-kan - Lovely music for the heart and mind! Melon - It's really good as a whole package! Great warm atmospheric vibes with the real jimpster trademark, i'm sure this will go down well!

Jimpster - Porchlight And Rocking ChairsJimpster - Porchlight And Rocking ChairsJimpster - Porchlight And Rocking ChairsJimpster - Porchlight And Rocking Chairs