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Both the door leaf (the swinging panel of the door) and the door frame are required to meet the guidelines of the testing agency which provides the product listing. The door frame includes the fire or smoke seals, door hardware, and the structure that holds the fire door assembly in place. Together, these components form an assembly, typically called a "doorset" which holds a numerical rating, quantified in hours of resistance to a test fire. All of the components of the fire door assembly must bear a listing agencies label (with the exception of ball-bearing hinges which meet the basic build requirements of ANSI and NFPA 80) to ensure the components have been tested to meet the fire rating requirements.

Yellow hazel catkins are now swinging in the breeze, or in the gales. Until now, these catkins have spent winter sitting in clusters, hard and brown, on the twigs, but their moment has come. They have loosened, opened out, rapidly grown longer and are now filling up with conspicuous yellow pollen. They hang from every twig of these small, delightful trees and dominate roadside hedges and the bleak undergrowth of woods with their fresh colour. They are called “lambs’ tails” and many more of them will be seen in the coming weeks. The female flowers are also appearing on the twigs, but have to be looked for closely. All one can see of them are the stigmas, which are like tiny red stars on the buds. They are waiting for the yellow pollen to be blown on to them. After that
the hazel nuts will slowly form, ready to be picked and eaten in the autumn, unless squirrels get at them while they are still green.

Employment of firefighters is projected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Physically fit applicants with paramedic training will have the best job prospects.

The Fire This Time - I Love Tha FutureThe Fire This Time - I Love Tha FutureThe Fire This Time - I Love Tha FutureThe Fire This Time - I Love Tha Future