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Seven months prior to the official launch of TMZ, America Online (AOL) had hinted that it was planning to launch a Hollywood and entertainment-centric news site that would be produced in conjunction with Telepictures Productions and had shown interest in launching a website featuring a focus mainly on celebrities. [9] At the time of the launch, AOL confirmed that the site would primarily feature and consist of Hollywood gossip, including interviews, photos and video footage of celebrities and information pertaining to industry news on movies, television shows, etc. [9] The site was described as "an effort to further feed the current American obsession with celebrities". Mike Shields of wrote, "the site also boasts of an expansive collection of archived star photos and videos", allowing fans to "trace changing hairlines and waistlines of their favorites performers over the years". [9]

Tony and Jay both have two kids, but neither of them understand why their kids are so much cooler than they are. In this thrilling episode, they talk about raising kids in 2018 and how to be a slightly better than average dad.

While I appreciate anyone pointing out errors or asking for a better reference in the History article (or elsewhere), remarks like "Citation needed|date=December 2014 !--Who says any of this demonstrates anything at all about theory?" seem argumentative and rudely condescending. I don't think they're helpful--besides which, in that particular case, it is widely accepted that artifacts of all kinds tell us a great deal about the history of music theory. Many of these remarks are causing the article to include detail and references that are probably unnecessary and lead to the "Overly detailed|date=December 2014|section=yes" flag that now appears. The section needs to cover a lot of ground to make clear the world-wide history of the development of music theory. Demanding explanations of information that is widely accepted and referenced by other Wikipedia articles seems simply argumentative. If someone wants to argue a point, let's do that here and decide what we think is necessary or not. Jacques Bailhé ( talk ) 19:15, 9 December 2014 (UTC)

Sobrio - Talk About MusicSobrio - Talk About MusicSobrio - Talk About MusicSobrio - Talk About Music